Preloaded Templates

Average cost of water, taxes and insurance are just some of the values that are preloaded into our template.  You won’t need to type everything out to get started.  Add a property, modify our templated values, save as a template and create your own customized regional variations.

Aggregate Cash Flow

Take all of your current properties and all the ones you are considering and see the forecasted aggregate cashflow.  

Standardized Metrics

SWANfactor gives syndicators an intuitive user interface so you can easily compare all the most common financial metrics: GP & LP distributions by month, Internal Rate of Return, Cash on Cash and more.

Multi-Scenario Modeling

Model different loan scenarios, equity splits, expenses and whatever your heart desires, comparing them side by side.  Then load your scenario into the cash flow calendar to see how it plays out over time.  Want more versions?  Duplicate the project and compare outcomes on the properties page.

Easy Sharing

We know you’re going to do 16 variations before you have one you want to share.  But when you do want to share, we make it easy.  Just click the share button and it comes up on the entire team’s property list when they log in.

Win Investors

Type in a name and an investment dollar figure and the LP Summary pages will automatically update all the numbers.  Print to a PDF and you have a beautiful 2 page document for easy emailing.  

Tax Modeling

Savvy syndicators know the importance of cost segregation studies.  Showing potential investors massive tax deductions often make the difference as to whether they invest or don’t.  NOTE: Inclusion in first draft of software is still TBD.

Built by Real Estate Investors

As real estate investors ourselves, we’ve grown tired of difficult and time consuming financial modeling. Spreadsheets are error-prone and version control is a nightmare. There needs to be a solution that addresses the unique needs we have.  We hope you’re as excited as we are about a solution that will truly help you Sleep Well At Night.  

To the extent we can leverage technology, SMB syndicators will increasingly be key players.

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