Multifamily syndication underwriting software.

The Problem:

Complicated Spreadsheets?

If you’re like us, no single templated underwriting spreadsheet does what you need.  So you’ve built an increasingly modified and complicated version of your own.  Why?  Because no two projects are the same and everyone runs the numbers differently.  The problem is you can’t remember which formulas in which cells you customized.  Version control as you’re running different scenarios can get tricky with teammates.  Perhaps you didn’t recognize a mistake until you used it as a template for a new project.  Tired of getting #REF errors?  Argus too complicated?  

We hear you.

The Solution:

“Sleep Well At Night” Factor

Like other industries that advanced, it‘s time to leverage technology.  Stop waiting on that outsourced analyst to get back to you and do more with less headcount.  More rapidly understand the key levers of each deal.  Simplicity over complexity.  Easily create, update, and compare multiple scenarios. Preloaded templates and streamlined data entry save you time.  Compare new opportunities to prior investments with the click of a button.  This is made for non-technical users, with the rich depth of detail number-crunchers love.

Preview below...

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